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    If you have registered with Prism in the past, please call Dayna 651-724-5047 to update your profile or learn about available studies. 

    We will not share or sell this info with any third party. 

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    Unfortunately at this time, Prism can not allow volunteers who live over 200 miles away to participate in research studies. If you live out of state or over 200 miles away please call Geoff at 651-641-2911 with questions. 

  • Refer Your Friends & Family to Participate

    Simply help us get the word out about Prism Clinical Research and we’ll give you $100 for every friend you refer that completes a study.

    It’s that easy! Make money with each referral, and there’s no limit to how many friends you can refer!


    • Subject must complete the study.
    • Subject may not be referred more than one time.
    • Subjects may not refer each other.
    • Subject must complete the study before payment can be received.
    • Subjects eligible for Referral: (1) Must not be in Prism Clinical Research database; (2) Must not have participated in any study at Prism.
    • In the event that a subject is referred by multiple people, the first person who referred will receive payment.
    • Eligibility will be determined by Prism. Prism reserves the right to revise or eliminate this program at any time without notice.



  • Diagnosed with Liver Impairment?

    Prism Research has upcoming studies for individuals diagnosed with liver impairment.  These studies will help determine how an investigational drug is broken down and removed from the body in volunteers with various degrees of liver impairment when compared to volunteers with normal liver function.

     If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with liver impairment and are interested in being considered for these studies, please contact Dayna at 651-724-5047 or register with our database and we will call you. Financial compensation for study participation ranges from $400-$3500.

    Currently, we do not have any studies available for those diagnosed with liver impairment. We hope to start a study in the near future. 

    Contact Dayna 651-724-5047 or daynas@prismresearchinc.com

  • Study 1710 Part 1: Individuals with Moderate Renal Impairment

    Research Purpose: To determine whether the investigational drug displays the clinical safety profile to support further development in patients with moderately impaired renal function.

    Minimum Screening Qualifications:


    Men are allowed to participate


    Women of non-childbearing potential are allowed to participate


    40-85 years of age

    Body Mass Index (BMI)

    Between 18-40 kg/m²

    Minimum Weight

    50 kg


    30-59 mL/min/1.73 m²

    Angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)

    Must be on an ARB for at last a month prior to screening

    Study Time Commitment: For participants who qualify based on screening evaluation, study participation will last for approximately 11 weeks. 

    Clinic Stay

    • Participants will be confined at Prism Clinical Research one time during the study period for up to 16 days and (15 nights).

    Return Clinic Visits

    • There is one return clinic visit approximately 1 week after discharge.


    Phone Call

    • There is one Phone call approximately 30 days after your final return visit.


    Screenings begin: July 19th 2017

    Anticipated start date for Study 1710:  25 July 2017            


    Compensation for participation time: Up to $3725.00 if all clinic visits are completed.


    For information regarding this study contact Kevin @: 651-724-5046 or kfitzgerald@prismresearchinc.com


  • Study 1708: Male and Female Participants with Migraine

    Research Purpose: Study 1708 is designed to evaluate the cognitive effects in participants receiving topiramate for prophylactic treatment of migraine comparing immediate release versus extended release formulations. Participants will receive dosings of both FDA approved formulations of topiramate.

     The following will be evaluated:

    • The effect of multiple doses of topiramate (immediate release and extended release) on cognition in participants with migraine.

    Minimum Screening Qualifications:


    Men are allowed to participate


    Women who are not pregnant, considering becoming pregnant, breast feeding or lactating are allowed to participate.  Women using acceptable forms of birth control are allowed to participate.


    18-65 years

    Body Mass Index (BMI)

    There is no body mass index requirement for this study.


    There is no weight requirement for this study.

    Drug Testing

    Must test negative for drugs of abuse. 

    Health History

    History of episodic migraine with or without aura for at least 6 months prior to the screening visit and a frequency of 3 or more headache attacks per month during the past 3 months.

    Right hand dominant.

    On a stable dose for 3 months of a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor for depression and/or anxiety.

    Special Requirements

    • Must be able and willing to take oral doses of the study medication at home.
    • Must have a working phone number during the entire study.


    Study Time Commitment: For participants who qualify based on screening evaluation, study participation will last for approximately 8 weeks.

    Inpatient Stay

    • Participants will admit to Prism Clinical Research 3 times
    • The inpatient stay is approximately 1 day one time (1 overnight) and 2 days two times  (2 overnights)

    Outpatient Visits

    • There are 3 outpatient visits during the study.
    • The outpatient visits are approximately 2 hours long. 


    Compensation for participation time:   Up to $­­­­­­­­­­­­­­1,660.00

    First screen: 8/28

    First Admit; 9/11

    For information regarding this study contact Kevin at 651-724-5046

  • Study 1714: Healthy Males and Females

    Study 1714 Healthy Female and Male Participants


    Research Purpose: To evaluate how one drug interacts with an investigational drug being developed for the treatment of high cholesterol.


    Minimum Screening Qualifications:


    Men are allowed to participate.


    Women who are not breastfeeding, are not pregnant or planning to become pregnant are allowed to participate.  Women using an acceptable method of birth control are allowed to participate.


    18-60 years of age

    Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI)

    Minimum weight of 50 kg/110 lbs.

    BMI between 18-35 kg/m²

    Tobacco/Nicotine Use

    Subject must be a non-smoker and must have not used tobacco/nicotine containing products including electronic cigarettes within 3 months prior to entering the study.  No tobacco/nicotine use is permitted for the duration of the study.

    Health History

    Must be healthy; not being evaluated or treated for any medical conditions unless otherwise approved on a case by case basis by the study doctor.


    No use of any prescription or nonprescription drugs, vitamins, herbal remedies, or dietary supplements within 14 days of entering the study.


    Study Time Commitment: For participants who qualify based on screening evaluation, study participation will last for approximately 7 weeks.

    Clinic Stay

    • Participants will admit to Prism Clinical Research 2 times.
    • The first in clinic stay will last approximately 4 days (3 overnights).
    • The second in clinic stay will last approximately 4 days (3 overnights).

    Return Clinic Visits

    • There are 12 morning return clinic visits.


    Compensation for participation time: Up to $2520.00


    For information regarding this study contact Lindsay at: 651-368-3360 lindsayd@prismresearchinc.com or Dayna 651-724-5047 or daynas@prismresearchinc.com


Where hope, science & understanding meet.

From the aspirin on the shelves of your local drugstore, to the insulin prescribed by a doctor, to the pacemaker keeping someone’s heart on track – all have been subject to clinical trials, and integral part of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process.

A critical step in an important process

Drugs and medical devices undergo years of laboratory testing before they reach the clinical trial phase. Researchers must acquire approval from the FDA for approval to continue research and testing in humans. Clinical trials are essential to measure the efficacy and safety of drugs before they are available for widespread use.

Changing lives, every day.

The impact of clinical trials are seen in our everyday lives, in the confidence with which we can take over-the-counter drugs – or in the life-saving benefits of a breakthrough medication for a victim of Leukemia.

Public Health and Safety

Prior to the development of the FDA’s rigorous and highly regulated method, consumers had to rely upon the anecdotal observation of physicians or spurious claims of pharmacists. In 1906, in order to protect public health and safety, the fledgling FDA passed the first regulatory drug act – the Pure Food and Drug Act.

In 1938, the enactment of the U.S. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act subjected new drugs to pre-market safety evaluation for the first time, thus enabling FDA regulators to review both pre-clinical and clinical test results, giving them the authority to block the marketing of a new drug formally or delay it by requiring additional data.

Alongside the evolving standards of drug regulations, closer regulation of the clinical trial process. The resulting process today is designed to protect the safety of study participants, promote the development of lifesaving drugs, and keep public health and safety at the center of medical advancement. In the century since the first drug act, the research and medical community in cooperation with the FDA, have developed the foremost institutional authority for conducting and evaluating controlled clinical drug trials.

Doing the right thing

Know that you’ve done your part to help make important medications available to those who need them. If you have a friend or family member who relies on a medication to treat a chronic disease or illness, they have benefited from the work of a clinical trial, and a volunteer like you who gave their time and effort to aid in the approval process.

Fair compensation for your time

You’ll be compensated based on the time you spend as a study participant.

Medical exam & monitoring

As a study participant, you’ll likely receive a full medical examination and testing for a variety of conditions. In some cases volunteers might have access to treatments or medicines before they are available to the general population.

Changing lives, advancing science, furthering the reach of medicine.

Prism Clinical Research provides, FDA approved, investigational pharmaceutical and medical device testing services on behalf of drug and device manufacturers, academic and private physicians as well as other researchers across Minnesota.

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At Prism, we are committed to the advancement of medical knowledge and the health of our community. We have been conducting Phase I clinical trials since 2005, helping many important drugs reach FDA approval. Prism is a locally owned and operated, independent facility in the heart of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. 

Whether you are here because you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, or you’re searching for a trusted partner to conduct a study on your behalf, our hope is that you find the information you need and the confidence to take the next step. 

With your help, we can make a difference.

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"I am VERY pleased with Prism Research. I enjoy the studies and the staff is always friendly and they all make you feel as comfortable as possible. The study compensation program is very good as well! Thank you."

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    “Overall you do a great job! Your staff is very friendly and accommodating. Your facility is very comfortable. Thanks!”

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    “Staff was courteous and well informed of the nature of the study and all of the requirements that went with it.”

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     “Overall my experiences at Prism have been very positive and directly linked to the Staff - their demeanor, humor and professional approach.”

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